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Some of the powerhouse brands that we currently represent:

Starting in 1934, and selling in regional markets, today ELO is known for complete competence in cookware.

Under the watchful eye of the owner, (Fifth Generation Family Owned), all tools, techniques and materials are wielded to create extensive ranges of cookware. Across materials, production methods, and factories – the ELO “TOOLBOX” wraps around the world.  Exacting standards and a commitment to innovation permeate the company.

We love glass!  LEONARDO is the glass for all opportunities and appeals to the senses. Our products are true companions that beautify everyday life, offer solutions and create a modern sense of life by means of permanent innovation and a timeless look. EMOTION: Staging stories with glass, authentic and appealing. An experience with all senses, which awakens emotions and the zest for life.

The SEVERIN brand has stood for superior high-quality products for 120 years. What began as a modest blacksmith’s shop in Sundern Germany in 1892 has become one of the most prestigious medium-sized companies in Germany. SEVERIN employs a staff of 2,000 who produce innovative electrical appliances with an exceptional price-performance ratio for the international market.

Most of you will probably find a WESTMARK product at home, or more likely, even used to see it being used by their parents and grandparents.  We have been creating quality kitchen tools without compromise for generations. As a specialized and reliable partner Westmark offers a wide range of clever and practical kitchen gadgets and household articles from the past, present, and for the future.  

Villa Merx – Home Goods

Villa Merx is Latin for Home Goods. We chose this as not only our name but also as our motto. To carefully select only the highest quality products from old school manufacturers who build products to last a lifetime. Here at Villa Merx we have everything you need to make your house into a home!

Made in Italy Since 1959
Salutella Zerocolor The revolutionary no-stick coating, without dyes, water-based and long-lasting. This cookware is the result of a challenging and unique project: due to its non-stick coating entirely free of colors, pigments, nickel, PFOA and BPA, represents a highly innovative product, certified and well-being friendly. Proudly made in Italy.